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With the holiday season quickly approaching, we found ourselves in need of a festive gift guide for the travelers in our lives. We’ve searched the globe and scoured the web for our favorite types of gifts so you can tailor the selection to your traveler, and add a few of our personal favorites. If you’re stumped on what to give to a travel lover, you’ve come to the right place.   

Luggage presents for a traveler 

You can’t go wrong with a classic. Every world traveler needs luggage. And this season’s options are more stylish than ever. We love a hardback suitcase that makes traveling that much smoother. For weekend getaways and overnight trips, a leather duffel bag helps your traveler enjoy a short trip with only the essentials. For days trips, make sure the traveler in your life is ready for anything with a stylish leather backpack or day bag. When you’re gifting the ultimate jetsetter, a quality passport holder is key for protecting this important document. If you’re looking for a fun stocking stuffer, pick up a set of leather luggage tags. It’s a must-have and your traveler will think of you on their next great adventure. Still searching? Take a look at more of our recommended luggage. 

Three white suitcases

Luxe travel accessories 

In search of Christmas gifts for a traveler who loves to fly? We’ve found a handful of luxurious accessories we’d personally like to have on our next red-eye flight. A set of noise-cancelling headphones is a must for any frequent flier. They’re ideal for listening to favorite tunes or simply blocking out the din of the cabin. Help your friends and family still feel luxurious while traveling with silk accessories. Or, help them get extra cozy with a cashmere traveler set – a gift that will take them from in-flight to in their hotel room in ultimate comfort. We’ve craving this set that includes a sleep mask and pillow. A compact grooming kit is ideal for keeping up your look as you go. And if you’re looking for a gift that specifically fights jetlag, we’ve curated a collection of high-tech products.  


Gifts to make their life easier 

Any avid traveler knows there are aspects to travel that can get tough. From delays and tech troubles to language barriers and culture miscommunications, we could all use a few more tools in our toolbox to improve our world travels. Our festive gift guide includes a portable water purifier that may not be the first gift that comes to mind for the luxury traveler, but will come in handy. So many bucket list locations and sought-after destinations require filtered water, and this on-the-go purifier is just the thing when you’re on the go. On the techier side, why not help your traveler stay charged and connected with a portable charger? We are also fans of this sleek translator. No more flipping through dictionaries or searching online. Lastly, we’re fans of Tile Mate, a small device you attach to your luggage, bag or even keys to track its location. Then simply use their app to locate your item and say goodbye to lost luggage. 

Tile Mate


You can take it with you 

Some of our favorite luxury gifts for travelers are not things you think they need, but decadent gifts they’ll appreciate. This collection of pampering presents will make their hotel room feel like home—maybe even a little more luxurious. If you know their favorite scent, pick up a small fancy candle they can enjoy during their trip. The familiar aroma will remind them of home, and it won’t take up space in their luggage on their return trip. You can also delight their senses with a perfume and body lotion set in their favorite fragrance. For lounging in between adventures, a silk robe and elegant pair of velvet slippers will feel like the ultimate luxury.  

Del Toro slippers


Travel the world in gifts 

One of our go-tos is a gift from a destination your traveler has just been to or is traveling to next. But no terrible snow globes, magnets and spoons here. For example, your friend who just got back from Italy will be reminded of la dolce vita with a leather coin purse or silk scarf. And nothing says luxe like a Swiss watch. Delight their taste buds with a bottle of wine from one of their favorite spots or destinations. Your Francophile friend will enjoy a bottle of Champagne. Scotch whiskey is a classic choice, and Japanese sake with have them armchair traveling with every sip. 

From the practical to the pampering, our festive gift guide encourages you to have fun being creative with your gifts for the traveler in your life. Do you have more luxe gift ideas? Leave a comment.